Toviga Video and Touchscreen Kiosks Keep Visitors Entertained At Your Restaurant

All restaurants, family style, quick serve or themed entertainment – which cater to children have the same challenge – how to attract repeat business from kids and how to keep them entertained? Earlier forms of entertainment such as providing kids with colored crayons and a page of cartoons to fill in, or puzzles to solve, have all but disappeared. Many restaurants have installed expensive playground equipment that is very costly to maintain daily and are exposed every day to liability associated with kids getting injured. The cost benefit ratio for many facilities just does not make sense, and many of these playgrounds have been closed and removed. Some restaurants have installed touchscreen game systems at the tables or booth, but most of these are on-line games geared to older children and adults. Of course, there are also customers who just play games on their own smart phones or tablets.

video and touchscreen game entertainment kiosks


TovigaTM offers customized touchscreen and video game kiosks as an great alternative to the current options for restaurants.

  • The kiosks cost only a tiny fraction of playground expenses
  • The kiosks require minimum maintenance
  • The kiosks can be totally customized to match the client’s theme, decor and colors
  • The video kiosks can play the latest XB1 and PS4 age appropriate games
  • The touchscreen kiosks have captivating multicultural games just for the little kids

Attractive Video Kiosks – For older children, there is nothing more exciting than playing the latest XB1 or PS4 video game on a 24” or 32” screen.  Each TovigaTM video kiosk comes complete with locking cabinet, game console, TV screen and game controllers safely secured in steel brackets attached to the cabinet.

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks – Designed for children aged 2-7 years, TovigaTM interactive touchscreen games can be played by any child regardless of country, language, education or ethnicity. The current “embedded” game pack has 9 classic game categories that were specifically designed by a international team of educators and developers. Kids are naturally attracted to the colorful graphics on the screen. Because touchscreen systems offered by TovigaTM are designed to be played in any country in the world, there are no written instructions. Kids intuitively figure out how to play each game by touching selected icons.

The TovigaTM software was also developed to enhance corporate branding whereby a restaurant chain can have the software modified to include their logo, and their characters or other images substituted in our core game software.

Tablet Security Stands – If a restaurant does not have the space, the location or the budget to install touchscreen and/or video game kiosks, TovigaTM offers top of the line iPad security stands that can be securely anchored in the restaurant and loaded with games downloaded from the internet. The SUMO model is the most rugged and offers the greatest range of screen motion needed for kids games.

Kiosk Options – The TovigaTM kiosks are available in a variety of configurations including wall mounted, floor mounted or post mounted. Customers also have the option of mounting several kiosks on a metal tree post with multiple arms or on multi-sided towers. The kiosk mounting options can be designed for different heights to accommodate kids of different ages.  All the kiosks are painted in the customer’s colors and include their brand logo. Other customization is available upon request.

Benefits – Restaurant owners and managers benefit by having a cost effective TovigaTM  video and/or touchscreen kiosk to attract kids to their facility, to have them stay longer and to have them come back again and again.

All TovigaTM kiosks are shipped ready-to-install with simple, yet detailed mounting instructions.

If you are looking for video and touchscreen game entertainment kiosks for the quick-serve restaurant, please visit our website at or call us at 404-521-9054.


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