Toviga Touchscreen Kiosks – A Great Way to Entertain Young Children in Waiting Rooms

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that a whopping 97% of kids are faced with moderate to long wait times in all types of waiting room environments, from doctor’s clinics, hospitals, fast food restaurants, just to name a few. By nature, kids have a short attention span in today’s digital environment that attention span has become even shorter. Some children carry their own smartphone or tablet, but these small handheld devices cannot compete with the colorful graphics of Toviga’s touchscreen kiosks.

waiting room touchscreen kiosks

Toviga’s kiosks offer your facility a great way to keep young visitors pleasantly entertained and make your place a favorite “destination.”

Toviga waiting room touchscreen kiosks for kids are made to create happy spaces and smiling faces for younger children aged 3-7 years. The games have universal themes and are designed to be played by any child, regardless of country, culture, language, education or ethnicity. The current “embedded” game pack includes 9 classic game categories “categories” that were developed by our own team of educators and software developers. Each child-friendly and age-appropriate category has multiple game variations, to provide hours of non-repetitive entertainment.

The high-quality kiosks include hardware from world technology leaders such as Elo and HP. Power adjustments for both the computer and the touchscreen can be set for 120V or 220V depending on the country. Toviga even offers a “barebones” (no kiosk) version designed for DIY installation by the customer.

Kids are naturally attracted to the colorful graphics on the screen. There are no instructions to read, but intuitively, the kids figure out how to play each game. After that, they are completely engrossed in playing the games. Characteristically, little kids like to play the same game over and over again.

The parents are especially pleased because the kids are staying busy and the office staff is happy because they do not have to keep picking up, cleaning and repairing toys.

  • Kiosks to fit any space: – If you have a small area, you may just have room for a single wall mounted system. That means only one child can play at a time. That’s OK, however, if you have larger numbers of visitors, Toviga offers a variety of options for additional kiosks include floor and portable pedestal mounted kiosks. Toviga even offers a multi-arm metal post that can hold up to four kiosks at different heights. If your facility also caters to older kids, Toviga offers a similar range of matching video game kiosks.
  • Kiosk Personalization – All the Toviga touchscreen kiosks are handcrafted by our cabinet shop and personalized to complement your theme or decor. That means we paint the cabinets with the colors of your choice and add your logo on the front.
  • Cabinet Customization – There are several cabinet customization options including colorful character faceplates and large themed wall panels.
  • Game Customization – For large organizations that have multiple locations, Toviga offers the option to customize the complete software with the client’s themed characters. This is a very involved process and is not recommended for single users.

All Toviga kiosks are shipped ready-to-install using our simple, yet detailed mounting instructions.

If you are looking for waiting room touchscreen kiosks for kids, please visit our website at or call us at 404-521-9054


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